Free Clinic in Page County

Posted: January 18, 2010 in Local Issues
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Here is the story about a free clinic coming to Page County. There is still no word on the Dialysis Center in Stanley that is slated to close in March. How do you think the Free Clinic will affect the local hospital and the doctors that require payment for their services?

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  1. Terry Pettit says:


    I met with representatives of the Dialysis Center a few weeks ago to see what the Town of Stanley can do to keep it open. A decision will be made sometime this week if it stays open or not.

    Terry Pettit, Manager
    Town of Stanley

  2. Florhline PainterC.P.C. says:

    The Free Clinic is the best thing that has happen for Page County in these difficult employment times .Medical care for those most in need who no longer have ins. due to job loss and cannot afford it. Hats off to the WONDERFUL Doctors/Nurses/Volunteers and Page Memorial Hospital, Who have step up the plate to provide these services to our community. Long time over due but it is finally here because of the hard work and dedication of Caring people in Page County.
    You go Page County!!!

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